Ayurveda As A Way Of Life

Belonging to a land where Ayurveda is regarded as a way of life than a medication, Amrutha Arya Drugs aims to create and inspire an Ayurvedic way of living with our medicines and wellness products. Following our ancestors’ footsteps, we have built an institution that nurtures the power of Ayurveda to achieve a complete harmony of body, mind, and soul. The decades of knowledge in Ayurveda have helped us create Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic wellness products that stand as the epitome of this ancient wisdom.

Amrutha Arya Drugs is an ancestral Ayurvedic pharmaceutical business from Kerala that has its origin in 1996, under the leadership of Dr. K.P Viswanathan. Coming from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners, Dr. K.P Viswanathan wanted to carry forward his family legacy in Ayurveda. And so he established Amrutha Arya Drugs. With a vision to share with the world the magic of Ayurveda. Over the years, we have emerged as the best ayurvedic product manufacturers in India and internationally by staying true to his vision.

Our History

It all started with a dream.

And like every ambitious project in history, Amrutha Arya Drugs too started with a vision. One man’s vision to share his family’s ancient wisdom in Ayurveda with the world. It was an epically ambitious task, but for
Dr. K. P. Viswanathan, it was more personal. He wanted to share the ancestral knowledge passed down to him and use it for the community’s collective benefit. His firm commitment to follow through with his vision helped Amrutha Arya Drugs become one of Kerala’s leading ayurvedic product manufacturers.

The present Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit Amrutha Arya Drugs, has its origin in 1996, under the leadership of Dr. K P. Viswanathan. But our expertise in Ayurveda dates back to the 1800s when our ancestors utilized the power of Ayurveda to cure ailments. Today Amrutha Arya Drugs is a scientifically and technically advanced factory celebrating 150 years of expertise in Ayurveda, producing more than 400 varieties of traditional Ayurvedic products.  Products are manufactured at the company’s state of the art production centre under stringent supervision and quality control. And all the medicines are approved and licensed by the State Drug Control Authority. The unit conforms to the “ Certificate for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)” laid down by the Drug Control Department, Government of Kerala. Over 100 years of experience and knowledge in Ayurveda goes into the making of all Ayurvedic products and medicines. It’s part of what makes our products special.

Our Factory

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a healthy planet by utilizing the power of Ayurveda and help people achieve a complete harmony of body, mind and soul.  We are committed to providing Ayurvedic products of the highest quality and excel in Ayurveda’s discipline and spread Ayurveda’s health-giving benefits with the world. To use our knowledge and discoveries in Ayurveda to benefit the larger community and keep expanding our knowledge constantly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share the power of Ayurveda with the world and help people live a healthier, richer and well-balanced life. To be an accessible repository of traditional Ayurvedic products and medicines for people worldwide who seek Ayurvedic medicines and wellness products. May all be free from illness.

R & D

We are committed to learning and expanding our knowledge in this ancient wisdom to build a rich repository of knowledge to help our community. Our R & D department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory and trained chemists to expand our knowledge and create new products. The R & D department is actively engaged in research on medicine’s efficiency, quality control, process control, and clinical studies.

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